High School

Sabbath School for HIgh School 321 (Grades 9-11)


Bakerview Pathfinder Club dates 2012-2013

Oct 21                                               Registration – First Club Meeting (Sunday)
Oct 24                                               Club Bag distribution for Can Collecting (Wed)
Oct 31                                               Can Collecting for Community Services (Wed)
Nov 4                                                Sunday Club Meeting + Staff Meeting
Nov 7                                                Class Meeting (Wed)
Nov 14                                              Class Meeting (Wed)
Nov 21                                              Class Meeting (last Wed)
Nov 25                                              Sunday Class Meeting (FUN EVENT)
Dec 2                                                 Sunday Class Meeting – Christmas Party
Jan 13                                               Sunday Class Meeting
Jan 27                                               Sunday Class Meeting
Feb 3                                                 Mt.Seymour- Snowshoeing Honour & more
Feb 17                                               Sunday Class Meeting
Mar 3                                                Sunday Class Meeting
Mar 10                                              Sunday Class Meeting
Apr 7                                                Sunday Class Meeting
Apr 21                                              Sunday Class Meeting
Apr 26-28                                         Potential Camping Weekend
May 3-5                                            Potential Camping Weekend
May 16                                              Thurs. Meeting to prep for Hope Camporee (7pm)
May 17-20                                        Province-wide Hope Camporee
June 2                                               Year-End Party at Kapinak’s
June 22                                             Investiture (Ceremony of Awards)

Please note that all Sunday Class meetings are held at 10:00am to 12:00 noon in the Fireside Room.  Our camping, and fun events time are to be determined. This schedule is subject to change, should a change or cancellation happen- an email will go out to all parent emails.