Prayer Ministries

How to be Actively Involved in the Prayer Ministries of the Aldergrove Church

(Updated February 1, 2015)

1.       Pray for the collective needs of the local church and of individuals as made known to you by word of mouth, e-mail communications and the “Prayer Corner” in the Church Bulletin.

2.      Get the Prayer Calendar and Daily Prayer Guide, Pray for the leaders of the North American Adventist Church Click on the following link to get the 2015 North American Division Prayer Calendar and Daily Prayer Guide by Ruthie Jacobson.  This PDF file can be downloaded to your computer and printed.

3.       Place written prayer requests in the Prayer and Praise Box at the Welcome Centre in the foyer, in mail box 128 or give to the church secretary.

4.       Join the Prayer Ministry Team. This team meets regularly to pray, study and plan prayer-related activities for the church. Express interest in participation to

5.       Become a Prayer Partner. This group of people has a special interest in praying for prayer requests as they become known. Their names are added to a computer distribution list and e-mailed as needed. Please make your request to

6.       Become a Prayer Walker. This group of people likes to pray intercessory prayers for their neighborhoods and city as they walk. Their names are added to a computer distribution list and e-mailed as needed. Please make your request to

7.       Prayerwalking is genuine prayer – God working with and through people on earth.


Thaw the ice in your neighborhood. The climate of steady prayerwalking is direct, intercessory praying. It helps prayers learn how to pray for other, deferring urgent matters in their own lives from the top of their prayer agendas. While many believers enjoy communing with God during private walks, this is not the definition of prayerwalking. It focuses intercessory prayer on the neighborhoods, homes and people encountered while walking.


Basic Prayerwalking:

i)        It is simple to learn. It is as basic as caring for others and crying for help.

ii)       It may be hard to pursue.

(1)    Prayerwalking is a spiritual battle. It is considered spiritual trespassing by evil powers.

(2)    Prayerwalking requires patience. We may not see immediate results.

(3)    Prayerwalkers need the freedom of well-learned fundamentals. Utilize many ways to pray.

iii)     Before the walk: Preparing: We pray better when we start out freshly invigorated and focused.

(1)    Refresh yourself in God. We are a bridge of blessing between heaven and earth. Seek God for guidance

(2)    Refresh relationships. Receive other walkers. Forgive one another for wrongs.

(3)    Brief the team

(a)    Who? A team activity. Prayer is fortified when believers agree.

(b)   Where? Routes and sites are chosen. Walkers do not incessantly walk.

(c)    When? Agree on when or where to meet after the activity.

(d)   What? Review topics of prayer. Fortify prayer with information.

(e)   Why? Place walks on a map. Link with future hopes and plans for the church.

iv)     During the walk: Praying

(1)    Open your eyes. Be alert. Watch for things like for sale signs on houses and consider the family moving and the new one coming into the house.

(2)    Open your mouth. Our faith is bolstered as we verbalize our prayers

(3)    Pray together. Seek to consciously follow and reinforce prayers lifted by others in your prayer team.

(4)    Pray with Scripture. Take along bits of scripture or a small Bible as you walk.

(5)    Pray with Relevance. Pray with sensitivity to the people and places you are actually encountering. What have people experienced to bring them to this point? What does God desire for them?

v)      After the walk: Reporting and Evaluating

                 (Summarized from the NAD Prayer Ministry Pamphlet entitled: Prayerwalking)

8.       Download the prayer app for your Android electronic device from the worldwide church headquarters entitled “In Prayer”. Another new way to stay connected. Go to

9.       Attend the periodic Evenings of Prayer sponsored by the Prayer Ministry Team. These intimate events feature hearty-warming stories and testimonies from speakers who have been drawn closer to God through prayer.  Watch for announcements throughout the year.

10.   Attend the Prayer Focus Group being held during Whirlwind Wednesday starting February 5, 2015

11.   Share your stories of answered prayer with members of the Prayer Ministry Team. Give them in person to a team member or send to mperepelitza9@gmail.com12.  

Visit this website for the latest up-to-date Prayer Ministry information.