Bible teaching

Each year the Aldergrove Adventist Church provides Bible seminars for residents of the Fraser Valley.  We also provide DVD and Video resources that can be borrowed on request.  If you have an interest in viewing any of these seminars you may call 604-856-5830 for more information.

All Power Seminar – A Bible-based professional semianar for physical, mental, spiritiaul, emotional and finical success. 

All Power for Teens – The teen verson of the All Power Seminar is a dinamtic, fun and educational event for 13 to 18 year olds.  Teens will learn to master their lives, become successful, reach their full potitional and see their wildest dreams come true!

Prophecy Seminar – Each year the pastoral staff provides a bible prophecy class which studies the books of Daniel and Revelation.

Next Millennium Seminar – This Bible based seminar series is designied for young adult age.  Video and support materials are available for your viewing. 

Seminar titles include:

"Titanic: Are We Next?"

"Is It Star Wars When the Empire Strikes Back?"

"Why Did Past Civilizations Fall?"

"The Truth of the Spotted Leopard."

"Darwin’s Black Box."

"A Dying Queen’s Last Prayer."


And many more…


Home Based Bible Studies –If you are living within a one hour proximity to the Church in the Valley, the pastoral staff is available upon request to provide individual or group home bible studies.